Our Team


The business’s most important source of added value – even more fundamental than the size of its fleet and its depots or the specialisation of its services – is all the men and women who work for MTL, from office staff to warehousemen and drivers.
A motivated team, fired by challenges, who have grown up in a caring business with very low staff turnover, ready to support customers with immense professionalism and team spirit, in a close, direct relationship.

“We – and the first person plural is the only way MTL could ever refer to itself.
The company would not be where it is today without the input of every single staff member; we have growth together, we have taken major decisions together, and we have supported customers and created value together. A large “family” that includes all personnel, with not a single exception. As well as my wife Silvana, who has been at my side throughout the business’s history,” Sergio Piardi adds, “there are people like Marco Rossi, Sandro Marchetta, Christian Laudicino, Diego Lussignoli, Jessica Fieni and all the employees who have always been on the job with me, with a real sense of belonging.
Together, we are MTL”

Sergio Piardi

Silvana Noventa
Admin Manager

Francesca Piardi
Warehouse/Building Manager

Maria Piardi
Customer and driver relations

Sandro Marchetta
Foreign department manager

Christian Laudicino
Italian traffic manager

Marco Rossi
First employee
and Workers’ Safety Representative

Jessica Fieni
Legal Office manager