MTL MONTICHIARI Trasporti e Logistica was founded more than 35 years ago

A story shared by many other Italian or Brescia-area businesses, but which becomes special and unique in the words of Sergio Piardi

“A sense of responsibility and a passion for the adventure of road haulage: these two, apparently conflicting sparks led to the birth of what eventually became MTL.
I wasn’t even 20 years old, and had spent my whole life in the town of Montichiari, when my brother-in-law, who had a haulage business, fell seriously ill and I had to step in to help.
It was my sense of responsibility and my affection for my brother-in-law that made me take up the challenge, but I soon discovered the freedom and adventure central to life on the road, on board my FIAT 110 NC, with the engine rumbling away in the background and the chance to enjoy the wonderful new horizons opening out before me…
I still have a clear recollection of a wonderful, flaming dawn over the sea after a night driving the Tyrrhenian coast motorway.
When I took over the one-man haulage business from my brother-in-law in 1981, I’d just married Silvana, who shortly afterwards agreed to take up the business challenge at my side: I had just one truck and just one customer.
MTL was founded in 1998 to meet the needs of customers who had grown alongside us over the years.
Marco’s self-sacrifice in supporting me constantly, without fail, Sandro’s entry into the business, vital for the birth and growth of the international freight department in particular, the curiosity brought to his first job and the determination to succeed of Christian, then seventeen-years-old and Jessica, who somehow managed to teach us the importance of rules.
Not to mention all the others ….
I’d never have imagined I would create such a large business, at least in my terms, or with such a complex structure; with hard work and good luck, my business career has also been a kind of “journey” towards more and more ambitious horizons; evolution fuelled by a sense of responsibility to customers, supported, as my children have joined the firm, by my responsibility as a father to help them to fulfil their wish for a secure future and continuity.
So the mix is still the same: an exciting blend of responsibility and challenges.”

A one-man business, founded 37 years ago, gradually grew to become MTL, Montichiari Trasporti Logistica.

As the business expanded, the fleet, clientele and know-how all grew too, and the entire Pardi family became involved in running the firm. The founder’s daughters Francesca and Maria inherited his fascination with the world of logistics, infused MTL with the energy of a second generation and oriented it towards the future, with new challenges and new horizons.

Today, MTL has 100 staff, 80 vehicles, 180 thousand square metres of depots and a loyal customer base, linked to MTL by long-established relationships of collaboration and partnership.


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