Our destinations: anywhere.

Shipments with destinations not only in Italy but also Europe-wide.
Shipments to locations near and far, not to mention door-to-door distribution in the Brescia, Bergamo and Cremona area.
Express services to meet any deadline.
Transport to and from the Italian islands, hand-in-hand with special know-how for deliveries in town centres.

A full array of services for all needs, specialised and extended during the last two years through a policy of investments and an increase in staff numbers – from 40 to 80.

MTL carries goods for more than two thousand Italian and foreign customers, in industries ranging from automotive to retail, construction to furnishing. An array of services delivered with meticulous efficiency which have consolidated MTL’s partnerships with an ever-increasing number of businesses.

“We are proud to add value to goods through the service we provide. Goods do not actually have value until they reach their destination. We help to build this value, alongside our customers.
We introduced strategies to differentiate our services, with all the investments this implied, and have been rewarded by turnover that has been growing at the rate of more than + 20% a year since 2014 but, above all, we now have a large, loyal, multi-industry customer base, a major guarantee of stability and continuity at a time of fluctuating markets and demand.”

Contacts / Support

Can’t find what you’re looking for or need more information?
MTL Logistica offers users a specific support service. Contact us via the website.